About us

About Us:

Everything started in 1963 when Italian business men Mr. Zecchini and Mr. Cassadei imported to Puerto Rico and USA the know how of machine made gold and silver chains. They brought to America Italian jewelers and machinery and started manufacturing in both countries, selling to distributors and jewelry stores. Gold price around that time was $35 per ounce.

Until 2005 gold chain sales were very good and all of the sudden gold market price started to go up without stopping until August 2011 when price hit $1900 per ounce.

In this time people took advantage of the high price and started to sell back their jewelry for cash. Since we are manufacturers and recyclers of precious metals, we would buy the gold in bulk to jewelry stores, converted in 24KT and produce our line of merchandise.

We’ve had many websites for information and now we want to add the possibility so people can buy online.

Press Release:

After 53 years manufacturing gold chain and bracelets of high quality and beautiful finishing, selling only to wholesalers and big distributors, MAIPO Corp. Have decided to get into the WEB with the domain http://www.maipogold.com and reach every home in America and the world.

The website is already up and running and customers can buy today. They can browse through a wide variety of classic Italian link chains like Figaro, Gucci style, Bismark and Curb chain. Athttp://www.maipogold.com you can also find the finest baby bracelets. This makes the perfect gift for a newborn or baptism without breaking the bank.

Products available will be pendant chains, classic Italian link chains, necklaces, women and gentlemen bracelets, anklets, etc. Chains are available in 16”-18”-20”-22” and 24” while bracelets comes in 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, 8”, 8.5”, and 9”. Custom made lengths like 30” for example are available by calling. White gold is also available.

As of today, the company sells and manufactures for wholesalers at major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York and Miami. But now their directors want to use the power of the Internet to reach every single home in the United States.

“We want to inform the people about gold jewelry, we want to get our name out and gain the trust of the American people by offering 14KT plumb merchandise, meaning that if is stamped 14KT the content is 58.3% of gold. We’ve had unfair competition by Manufacturers overseas that stamp 14KT gold and the real contents of the jewel is 12KT - 50% or 13KT - 54.6%.” That’s called stealing.

“Of course is very difficult to tell if a piece is 12KT or 14KT by just looking at it and that’s why we are here. Our merchandise is 100% guaranteed and the content of gold that our merchandise has is what the stamp reads. In 53 years in the gold business we have NEVER manufactured under karat merchandise” Zecchini say.

MAIPO corp. office is in the prestigious Seybold Building in Miami Florida at 36 NE 1st Street, Suite 223 Miami Florida, 33132. We are offering free 2nd day shipping in all purchases everywhere in the country.

Our mission with this website is to offer high quality gold merchandise to our customers, teaching them about gold. We also advise in gold investments and if you have small or large quantities of gold, we can purchase it for top dollars.

For more information or if you have any question please contact Alfredo or Kelly Zecchini at 305-374-2020 or visit http://www.maipogold.com.


Alfredo or Kelly Zecchini